Gary Cooper and Marlene Dietrich, Morocco — 1930

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Greta Garbo photographed by Ruth Harriet Louise for The Temptress — 1926

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Marlene Dietrich, 1930s

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Marilyn Monroe at the 21 Club in New York City, 1954 © Sam Shaw.

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Hedy Lamarr is photographed by Eliot Elisofon in the style of a Renaissance portrait against the backdrop of an old tapestry, Los Angeles, 1946 (via)

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Looking east down Hollywood Boulevard towards Vine Street and the Broadway-Hollywood Hotel, night, 1940’s.

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Dietrich, 1935

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Marilyn Monroe in a promotional photograph for Bus Stop (1956)

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Marchesa Spring-Summer 2014

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Burlesque dancers, 1957

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