Marilyn Monroe photographed on the set of River of No Return, 1953.

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1903. Oriental Hotel and boardwalk, Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, New York.

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Marlene Dietrich aboard the S.S. Normandie, July 1936.

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Joan Crawford - 1920’s

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Thelma Todd and her shadow puppet bunny  - c. 1930s

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Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck photographed for The Mad Miss Manton, 1938

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Ava Gardner signing autographs at a Midnight Matinee at the Colliseum, 1951.
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Greta Garbo

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Bert Hardy

Children in the run-down Gorbals area take to the streets

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Long-Lost Color Photos from 1939 Reveal Life in England on the Brink of WWII

After the death of his grandmother in February of this year, Barney Britton found an unexpected treasure while cleaning out her attic: a wooden box filled with dozens of 35mm slides documenting his grandparents’ honeymoon trip in 1939. Although Britton’s mother remembered seeing the photos as a child, they were long presumed to be lost after several decades and multiple house moves. To Britton’s delight, most of the slides were remarkably well-preserved even after nearly 75 years of storage. Many of the photos were shot using Agfacolor film—a novelty at the time—providing a rare and exceptional look at England in color in the month preceding the outbreak of World War II.”

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25 July 1953 - Marilyn Monroe travels to Canada from LA for the filming of River of No Return. 

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Leslie Howard and Gertrude Lawrence in Candlelight.

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