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Greta Garbo, 1932

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Greta Garbo, 1929

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Greta Garbo, 1927

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Greta Garbo, 1931

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Greta Garbo, 1926

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A broad, high forehead, a strong chiselled nose, wide mouth, and most impressive of all, enormous dark blue eyes set under eyebrows curved like butterfly wings. When we swam together, she would dive and reappear on the surface with drops of water clinging separately to eyelashes that looked as if they had been purchased at the drugstore. To me, though, the unique quality of her face showed at its best when she was displeased. In Greta’s face, even her frown was a thing of beauty. - Lilli Palmer
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Greta Garbo and guests, 1930

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Greta Garbo photographed by Arnold Genthe, July 1925.

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Greta Garbo, 1928

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Greta Garbo, 1929

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